It is not possible for our organization to carry out all the expenses of a patient.We always try to help the needy patients both economically and morally. Our volunteers are always handy to the family of the patients and aware them according to their needs.

Some of our recent helps to the needy patients are notified below-

1.Piyali Saha was suffering from chronic liver cirrhosis disease. We have helped her with Rs. 22,500/-

2.Ranjit Khan was suffering from leukaemia. We have donated Rs. 10,000/- for him.

3.Soumen Pain, suffering from T cell lymphoma. We helped his family both economically and morally.

4.Ankit Ghar was suffering from blood cancer. we helped him too.

5.Diebendu Sinha, a cancer patient, from a very poor family of Mathpara (Bankura), has been diagnosed to have carcinoma testiest. We helped him.

The whole funds for this purpose are collected from roads, shops, collage and universities by our volunteers. So far 15 patients got benefit of this program and about 1.5 Lack rupees fund had been raised.

Please keep our contact no handy with you.


Moral support is a very important step towards the needy family of patients. Further, economic help with money is also required to them. We usually try to help in both ways.

We are planning to form a separate sector inside our organisation to help the needy patients.

Sometimes patients require different helps through internet. We are planning to support them with online facility and contacts.

We have a plan to organize blood donation camps on regular basis to help the patients


From the very beginning we are getting many such cases. UTTORAN is not capable of giving sufficient funding to all patients. It will be very helpful to us if we get funds from kind hearted man like you. Please donate to us to help them. Also inform us if you know any kind of needy patients. Keep our contact no handy with you and spread awareness to get a better future of our nation.