Success Stories

Success Stories

Partha Dey :

Partha Dey is now studying Math (Hons) at Khatra College and nourishing his dream of becoming a teacher. Though the situation was not in his favor. His father was a Tea seller. Due to the pressure of dowry in the marriage of his elder sister his father was not in a position to carry out the cost of his mother’s treatment and committed suicide. Even after scoring good marks in H.S exam he was feeling helpless. His mother who makes her earning by making paper bags, met our member Kush Dutta and urged for help. We arranged books, tuition fees (for 3 years) and examination fees for the first semester. Now Parth is also working as a private tutor along with study. UTTORAN will be with him throughout his struggle.

Rimpa Ghosh :

Rimpa Ghosh, daughter of a daily labourer from Muchya village, Bankura scored 89.4% in Higher Secondary examination. Now she is studying English (Hons) at Bankura Zilla Sharadamani Mahila Mahavidyalaya. But it is very difficult for her family to arrange that much of money for her mess, books & tuition. After coming at Bankura she came to know about UTTORAN. Our Book Bank initiative gave her a relief. Throughout her graduation we will provide text & reference books. Now she is in third semester. We are happy to be with the struggle of Rimpa. Wish her dream of becoming a teacher will be fulfilled.

Prasanta Das :

Prasanta Das is from Tungcharra village, Bankura. He scored 87% in his Higher Secondary examination and got admission at Bankura Christian College with Mathematics (Hons). His excellent result made his father worried because he could hardly manage money the education of his son. Dr. Coni Mahapatra, a Homeopathy doctor from Bankura town informed us about Prasanta. We managed to wave his tuition fees partially and handed over required books to him. He will get all his required books throughout the graduation from UTTORAN Book Bank.

Tanima Shaini:

Tanima Shaini is a daughter of a poor farmer from Emokundi, a remote village of Bankura district. We were stunt on her will power when she came to attend our selection camp. Her lower body part is paralyzed, she can’t even move without the help of her father. With those difficulties she scored more than 90% marks in 10th Board exam (2017). It was our pleasure to sanctions her “UTTORAN Scholarship”. But this is not the end of her story. She continued her struggle and scored 81% in 11th class exam. Hope she will pride us in future also. She is an inspiration for us. UTTORAN promises to be with her in all her need. Wish all of her dreams come true.

Suparna Kumbhakar :

Suparna Kumbhakar is a recipient of “UTTORAN Scholarship” and dreams of becoming a doctor. They reside at jail Road, Patpur, Bankura. Her father is a daily labor. Situation of her family is like ‘After meat comes mustard’. Her story was published in several daily Bengali newspapers when she scored 94.6% along with 100 marks in mathematics in Madhymik exam (2017). We were honored to award her the Scholarship. We are happy that she maintained consistency and scored 87% in her 11th class examination. UTTORAN salutes her struggle and wish her to be a good doctor.

Chaina Mahata :

Chaina Mahata is another name of inspiration to us. She is from a very remote village of Purulia district, Dapnag. In her early ages she lost her father. Since then her mother is the only earning members who use to work at paddy field to meet their meals. She also helps her mother along with her study. She defeated all these obstacles and scored 80.24% in Madhymik Examination (2017). It is our honour that we were able to arrange “UTTORAN Scholarship” for her. Her score in 11th Class examination (86.8%) in Arts stream has proved again that she is resolute on her firm determination of becoming a teacher. UTTORAN is always with the students like Chaina and also will be in future.

Rakesh Chel:

Rakesh, a meritorious student from Khatra, dreams of becoming an engineer. However his economic condition at home wasn't supporting his dream. His father is a vendor and is used to sell goods at different markets. His parents were worried about his future as he was preparing for Madhyamika Examination 2015. Then he came in contact of UTTORAN through Prof. Manju Chakravarty. “UTTORAN SCHOLARSHIP” gave him an opportunity to pursue his passion. He secured 85% marks in his board examination and got admission at Khatra High School in science stream. We wish him a very good luck in his journey.

Dipak Debnath:

Dipak, another beneficiary of “UTTORAN SCHOLARSHIP”, lives in Haringhata, Kalyani, Nodia. He lives with his mother and elder brother. He lost his father at the age of ten who was the only bread-earner of the family. His mother hardly manage the family expenses. His elder brother left his education and began working as a labour to help his mother. Our friend Mithu Bhowmik told us about him and we decided to give him financial support. He worked hard and scored 71% and 74% in Madhyamika and Higher Secondary Examination respectively. Now he is studying B.Sc (Math. Hons.) and is on the way of fulfilling his dream.

Anannya Mondal:

Anannya, is a promising girl from Ramsagar village, Onda, Bankura. Now she is studying at Bankura Christian College with Maths Hons. Her father is a farmer and mother, a housemaker. She scored good marks in her Higher Secondary Examination 2014 and wants to be a teacher. Her family's economic condition was not good enough to meet all her expanses like room rent, food, tuition fees etc. So UTTORAN came forward to help her. For Anannya, our organization manages a free coaching class of Rs-900/- (nine hundred rupees) per month for three years. She scored 64.5 % marks in his 1st year (Hons.) University Examination. We are thankful to Mr. Goutam for providing free coaching to Anannya.

Anik Das:

Anik Das, C/o- Shyamal Das, a five years child from Bankura Police Lines, suffered from Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His father works at a courier agency. His parents became clueless when they came to know their only child is suffering from Leukemia. With a poor monthly income of Rs- 8,000/- per month they were never in a position to afford his treatment. UTTORAN took a responsibility to collect funds for the little brother. We have collected as much as Rs- 10,000/- from our members, from shops, from road etc. and donated to his parents. His treatment took place at Vellore Medical College and the bone marrow transplantation remains successful. We wish him a speedy recovery and happy long life.

Piyali Saha:

Piyali, our young friend from Barasat, Howrah, is doing M.Sc (Chemistry) from Scottish Church College. She was suffering from Liver disease and was in need of a liver transplantation. It was not possible for her family to arrange the huge money required for this surgery. Like other friends our members had started fund collection at IIT Khargpur (Chemistry dept.) and donated Rs-23,000/- to her parents. We are very happy to say that her liver transplantation was successful and she has begun attending her college. Go ahead Piyali.

Sonu Banka:

Sonu is a visually disabled boy studying at Bankura Christian College with Pol. Sc. (Hons). He lost his parents at a very young age. Then he came to Kolkata with his uncle from Rajasthan. In Kolkata he lost his visibility in a road accident. With the help of some kind-hearted people he got a shelter and got a chance of education. He scored 79 % in Higher Secondary Examination (W.B Board) and took admission at Bankura Christian College. Now he is staying at Mitchel Hostel. UTTORAN has taken financial responsibility related to his study and food supply. We are in search of a reader for Sonu.

Jaya Banerjee:

Jaya is a beneficiary of our “SAVE FOOD SAVE LIFE” mission. She is 65 years old and begs at Bankura Railway Station. She was driven out from her house by her sons. She begs at platforms to collect money but can’t manage her meals. Almost all night she has to sleep with an empty stomach. UTTORAN takes this initiative to provide a meal to people like Jaya. Every night at 8 PM our members feed Rooti and sabji to 10-15 beggars at Bankura Railway Station. Our endeavour will meet a success when people like you will come forward. Be a part of this program, be a member of “SAVE FOOD SAVE LIFE” team which will collect extra food from Bankura town.