Save Food Save Life


Food was always known as God’s gift but since the past two centuries, food wastage has been an ever-growing threat. Because of the effects of wasting food, many people are starving. According to a statistics, every year, around four billion tonnes of food are produced, and around two billion is wasted. There are a number of causes behind this wastage-

Our organisation is based on the town Bankura, West Bengal. We have taken an initiative to collect the extra food from different programs, hotels, restaurants and also from households. The extra food is being distributed among the beggars and street children. We are also taking initiative like social campaign, door to door approach etc to make people aware about the concern. Apart from this we arrange birthday programs of our members and their family members with the underprivileged children and baggers at Bankura Railway Station.

You are the most important part of this project and consequently it's you who have the responsibility to inform us anything relating the project.

1. If you have excess food in your home or work place, please call us quickly so that our volunteers can collect your excess food.

2. Be a volunteer of UTTORAN and take active part of this mission.

3. Please aware your friends, relatives, colleagues about our project and related information and most importantly our contact details.

4. You can celebrate your birthday or other moments with these children.

5. Please always keep in mind that what is appearing excess to you that may be someone's one time meal.

Please keep our contact number handy with you. 9002733771/8600691280